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A picture is worth a thousand words

…especially nowadays!

Whether one likes it or not, we live in a culture of images.
Achieve the success of your business through better pictures!

Sample of high impact image - Photo by Mauro Bricca -
Sample of high impact image - Photo by Mauro Bricca -

We are specialized in creating photoshoots and high quality virtual tours which have a highly emotional impact, mainly for vacation rentals, hotels and  all other kinds of accommodation facilities, but we also serve a vast range of other fields, like: 360° panoramas of touristic and natural areas, museums, exhibitions, architecture and design, real estate agencies, luxury yachts, farm vacations, health spas, etcetera.

What distinguishes us from the others is our maniacal care in all phases of our work, our attention to details and the passion that we put into it, to give our clients a final product that produces the “wow-effect”!

With the images that we produce, we are able to realize modern and captivating websites.

Portofino - Photo by Mauro Bricca - http://VirtualTour.Vision

Services provided

Standard photo shoots

mainly for vacation rentals (indoors, outdoors and panoramic) but also all other types of photography you might need.

HDR photo shoots – High Dynamic Range Imaging

HDR - 7 shots sequence

This photographic technique allows us to create spectacular images that perfectly shows all details and colors, in dark areas (for example the inside of a room that is poorly lit) and also in the bright areas of the same photo (for example the panorama outside the window).

See this sequence with 7 different exposures…

and see the resulting “HDR” image.


This kind of result is absolutely impossible to achieve with a single shot, like in traditional photos.

We produce images “overlapping” from 3 to 12 shots at different exposures and carefully elaborating them with specific softwares.

Click here for more details about our HDR photographic services

Sample of HDR image - Photo by Mauro Bricca -
Sample of HDR image - Photo by Mauro Bricca -
Sample of HDR image - Photo by Mauro Bricca -

Example of some 11-exposures HDR frames

Virtual Tours and HDR Virtual Tours

It’s a spectacular interactive photographic technique that’s way better than static photos.

Your viewer will be able to move within the property as if he (or she) was litterally there.
He can check every corner, zoom in on every detail while sitting comfortably in his chair at home, maybe on the other side of the world!

This is nothing new, it’s something that’s been going on for over 20 years, but recently (thanks to HTML 5) it has become possible to make them work on any modern device just by moving your mouse, or your finger on a smartphone touch-screen.

Our virtual tours are perfectly working on Windows PC, Apple Mac PC, iPad, iPhone, Android devices and so on, without the need of installing extra software.

In the vacation rental field, we noticed how properties adopting Virtual Tours gets 100% more bookings than those without.

Having the ability to walk around each room, the gardens and the area around the house will allow the future guest to believe that nothing has been photo-retouched and what they see is the true reality, making them feel more prone to trust you and finalize the booking.

A well done virtual tour makes your perspective client dream about being in your place right away and therefore it has big impact on his decision-making process.

To realize a virtual tour, for every room, we must shoot at least 4 photos by rotating the camera in circular motion.
With specific softwares called “photo-stitching”, we can join them together to obtain an “immersive photograph” like the one below: a flat photo with a field of view of 360°

Sample of Spherical 360° x 180° Equirectangular image

Example of  an “immersive photograph” taken with the HDR technology at 11-exposures (44 shots) – click here to see the full-resolution version.
This is the Spherical 360° x 180° Equirectangular image, that is the base of the virtual-tour.

This is the base for the “360° Virtual Reality” photographic experience: imagine you could wrap this image on a sphere with the viewer inside. This is exactly what the virtual tour software does!

We can make “single exposure virtual tours” (using as said 4 shots for every room), or we can obtain an even more amazing result uniting the quality of the HDR photos with the magical “360° vision”, and that is what we are specialized in: “HDR Virtual Tours

“HDR virtual tours” can be made using from 3 exposure (so 12 shots for each room), to 11 exposure (even 44 shots for each room).
These 44 shots at different exposures are then fused together to obtain an extremely spectacular 360° panorama, with a wide range of colors and details.

All of our “HDR Virtual Tours” are composed of hundreds or thousands of shots and all the post-production work is done manually with extreme care to detail to guarantee an absence of defects and disturbances, by highly optimizing every detail.

Judge with your own eyes, by looking at some examples of our “HDR Virtual Tours” and confronting them with others you can find on the Internet.

Properties with pool / villas:

Apartments and homes:

Click here for more details about our “HDR Virtual Tours” and the “360° VR Photography”

Sample of Spherical 360° x 180° Equirectangular image

Example of a 3-exposures HDR frame (12 shots) – click here to see the full-resolution version.

Website design

Modern and captivating websites

We create “responsive” websites, which means the view of the website can “auto-adapt” to better fit on every device the viewer uses: computer, smartphone or tablet.

As we understand the importance of translation, we use only native toungue translators (for Italian, English, German and French)

We are very attentive to the yearly web-hosting costs.
We use free open-source platforms, in particular WordPress, which guarantees a constant update with the latest technologies relating to web developing – but without licensing costs.

We are able to optimize our websites, guaranteeing high performances and fast download speed.

We use particular software tools that are installed on our website (for example caching utilities) in combination with a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A super-optimized version of the website will always be downloaded by the user from the nearest geographical server. This system guarantees fast downloading time in all circumstances.


With our consultations, it will not be necessary to spend big amounts of money for yearly high performance web-hosting.

The described services are free, but when correctly set up they speed up the answering time of the site in a surprising way.

If the client wishes, we can guarantee you access to your website without limitations. In this way you can modify it by updating texts, photos, set up a personal blog, etcetera.

As we have said, the developing platform is a standard and open-source (“WordPress”) and on Internet you can find plenty of information explaining how to modify a website created with this technology.
We will remain always at the clients disposal as consultants, even for those who wish to go ahead on your own.
The client is always owner of his website and domain name (the “authinfo” code, the password for the hosting provider and all other administrative access will be given to the client). You will be able to modify and transfer your website to another service, if need be.

Some examples of our websites:


We are able to give the necessary consultations to start or improve your presence on the web, improve your overall image by giving a modern and professional imprint to your site and brand.


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Feel free to contact us for any information.
Based upon your needs, we will be more than happy to suggest the product that would best fit your needs and then we will be able to quote a price.

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